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Open­ing the Blood-​Brain Bar­rier: New Treat­ment for Parkinson’s in Phase 1 Trial

A new Phase 1 clin­i­cal trial has been in the news this month offer­ing hope and enthu­si­asm in the field of Parkinson’s research. This project led by Cana­dian researchers at Toronto’s Sun­ny­brook Health Sci­ences Cen­tre and Uni­ver­sity Health Net­work would be a first-​of-​its-​kind ther­apy for Cana­di­ans liv­ing with Parkinson’s. Lor­raine Kalia, one of the lead inves­ti­ga­tors and … Read more

Parkinson’s Through the COVID-​19 Pan­demic: Roberta Wilson-​Garrett

“It was the best thing I ever did” is how Roberta describes attend­ing a Parkin­son Canada work­shop shortly after she was diag­nosed with Parkinson’s. Like it is for many, Roberta’s jour­ney to a diag­no­sis was not straight­for­ward. Mul­ti­ple trips to her GP, two dif­fer­ent neu­rol­o­gists, wait­ing many months between appoint­ments and a mis­di­ag­no­sis, before she … Read more

New Resource and Webi­nar: Pre­vent­ing Falls for Peo­ple Liv­ing with Parkinson’s

Novem­ber is Fall Pre­ven­tion Month, a time when indi­vid­u­als and orga­ni­za­tions are encour­aged to take action to pre­vent falls – a sig­nif­i­cant issue for the Parkin­son com­mu­nity. This month, we’re launch­ing a new resource to address this impor­tant topic. Falls can hap­pen to any­one, any­where, any­time and hav­ing Parkinson’s will increase your risk of falls. Pre­ven­tion … Read more

Ded­i­cated to Mak­ing Lives Bet­ter: Carol Brown’s Story

Carol Brown ded­i­cated her adult life to help­ing improve the lives of oth­ers, espe­cially chil­dren. Soon after her sec­ond child was born, she started tak­ing Early Child­hood Edu­ca­tion courses at a local col­lege. In 1991, eight years after start­ing her first course and all the while rais­ing her young fam­ily, Carol com­pleted her Early Child­hood … Read more

Novem­ber News and Events

Your Voice: CEO Lis­ten­ing Tour Report Shared In April 2020, Parkin­son Canada wel­comed new Pres­i­dent and CEO, Dr. Karen Lee, just weeks after the global out­break of COVID-​19. Through­out the sum­mer Karen embarked on an 8-​session vir­tual lis­ten­ing tour with par­tic­i­pants from across Canada. Par­tic­i­pants shared their resilience, pas­sion, and deter­mi­na­tion for the Parkinson’s com­mu­nity … Read more

Sto­ries of Remem­brance from the Parkinson’s Community

Every day those liv­ing with Parkinson’s fight for bet­ter liv­ing, for a cure. Today on Remem­brance Day, we hon­our the peo­ple that served our coun­try and are still serv­ing to pre­serve our free­dom. Free­dom to pur­sue a bet­ter life, pur­sue love and hap­pi­ness, and the free­dom to reach for your great­est poten­tial. We asked mem­bers … Read more

Dul­cie Finds Hope in the Cana­dian Open Parkin­son Network

Photo of Dulcie Webb

Dul­cie Webb is a Cal­gar­ian at heart but has lived in Cochrane for nearly 40 years. A mother of two and a grand­mother of one, she was diag­nosed with Parkinson’s in 2016 by her fam­ily doc­tor. It took an addi­tional year to receive a diag­no­sis from a neu­rol­o­gist in 2017. When approached to par­tic­i­pate in … Read more

Life gave Larry Parkinson’s. He gave Parkinson’s a voice.

Larry Gifford, host of the podcast When Life Gives You Parkinson's, speaking at the Parkinson SuperWalk

When life gives you Parkinson’s, what comes next? It’s a ques­tion Larry Gif­ford asked him­self after his own diag­no­sis as he looked to make the best of the news deliv­ered to him by his doc­tor in August 2017 when he was diag­nosed with Parkinson’s at the age of 45. Larry, a 30-​year broad­cast vet­eran, soon … Read more


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