Make a donation

To make a dona­tion you may:

1. Use our online dona­tion form (Giv­ing to the Neuro)


2. Mail or Fax your dona­tion to:
Neuro Devel­op­ment Office
Mon­treal Neu­ro­log­i­cal Insti­tute and Hos­pi­tal
380l Uni­ver­sity Street
Mon­treal, Que­bec H3A 2B4
Fax: 5143988072

If pay­ing my cheque, please be sure to make the cheque out to the order of The Neuro. You may write “Neuro-​Patient Resource Cen­tre” in the memo area. We can­not accept cheques made out to the order of the Neuro-​Patient Resource Cen­tre. Here is an example:

cheque en 2

3. By Tele­phone:
Call Gio­vanna Caraffa, Neuro-​Development Office at 5143988825

Please note that your dona­tion is for the Neuro-​Patient Resource Cen­tre.
Donors receive a tax receipt from McGill Uni­ver­sity, Char­i­ta­ble # 119128981-​RR0001.

Last Updated: Wednes­day, 17 Feb­ru­ary 2021 16:47